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120.00 EUR
CAD Viewer 9.0 english versionWith full drawings support up to AutoCAD 2012 : AutoCAD drawings viewer that's easy to use for the non-CAD user but still powerful enough for professionals. CAD Viewer 9.0 is designed to be easy to use for the non-CAD user, but CAD professionals will also appreciate features such as Back and Forward browsing, multiple file selection and batch printing. Supports all DXF and DWG versions to AutoCAD 2012 as well as HGPL and multiple raster formats.
420.00 EUR
CAD Viewer 9.0 MarkUp Quality Insurance english versionCAD Viewer 9.0 Markup QA is an essential tool for Managers, Engineers and Quality Assurance Officers. If you are still printing or plotting drawings and adding numbered stamps and revisions by hand, then CAD Viewer 9.0 Markup QA is for you! Save your valuable time and resources with our QA stamping software that overlays drawings with auto-numbered stamps and markup notes and corrections (text, sketches, boxes, lines and arrows).  Read more
228.00 EUR
CAD Viewer 9.0 MarkUp english version
CAD Viewer 9.0 Markup provides all the capabilities of the standard version CAD Viewer 9.0 plus the extra ability to overlay the drawing with text notes and other red-lining elements such as lines, boxes and arrows. The drawing along with corrections or highlighted areas may be printed, saved to a PDF document, or saved to a raster image format. The source drawing remains untouched by the markup operations.