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192.00 EUR
Renditioner Pro ERenditioner Pro enables you to easily produce stunning photorealistic renderings of your Google SketchUp models. Renditioner Pro is the advanced version of Renditioner with more powerful capabilities, and print quality results. Launch directly from SketchUp and your model is automatically loaded. Then simply setup the model for rendering with intuitive drag and drop, lighting, material, camera and environment controls. Professional rendering controls such as Progressive and Sub-Image rendering allow you to quickly test and visualize many different rendering scene variations of your design. Multi-threaded rendering will speed the regeneration time as fast as your system can go.
94.80 EUR
Renditioner V2 ERenditioner enables you to produces stunning photorealistic renderings of your Google SketchUp models. It generates images up to 1 mega-pixel, producing high quality images for displaying online. (For print quality renders, see Renditioner Pro) This powerful yet easy to use plug-in automatically loads your model when launched directly from SketchUp. You then simply drag and drop materials, finishes, bump maps and backgrounds onto your model. Access high performance camera controls and HDR-based lighting controls to make more realistic-looking renders. Even take SnapShots of render configurations to replay your scenes. Speed rendering with progressive rendering and produce higher material quality for more photorealistic renders with material blurring. Plus, multi-threaded rendering speeds the generation time as fast as your system can go.
Renditioner Express ERenditioner Express is a free, photorealistic rendering plug-in to Google SketchUp 8. It includes many of the same features as Renditioner and Renditioner Pro, with the following differences:
Renditioner Express supports a maximum render size of 640 x 480 pixels.
Disabled Printing from file and from the screen.
Inability to render directly to file.
Limit of 3 snapshots per model.
Inability to render snapshots.
No support of sub-image rendering