Visual Integrity and Open Design Alliance Announce improved and extended PDF Integration

15 Jun 2011
Visual Integrity and Open Design Alliance Announce improved and extended PDF Integration
Offering better integration and extension of PDF technology in Teigha®
Phoenix, AZ, July 11, 2011 – Visual Integrity® and Open Design Alliance (ODA) today announced a comprehensive PDF technology cooperation. Visual Integrity will license their FLY SDK to the ODA to be used as a PDF underlay. Visual Integrity will make additional PDF plug-ins for Teigha, the ODA software development platform for engineering applications. These will allow ODA members to read or import PDF files and render them as editable DWG or DGN files.
“ODA Members will see immediate benefits from adding support for PDF underlays”, said Jean Haney, CEO and co-founder of Visual Integrity. “The rich data resident in the PDF files enables features for their users that accelerate drawing time, such as layer views, line and object snapping, rotation, scaling and other property adjustments. With an additional plug-in, editing the PDF drawing is even possible.”
ODA President Arnold van der Weide stated, “I am excited that we were able to work with Visual Integrity to offer this type of PDF support to the ODA members. Now all ODA members can test the PDF underlay because a test version of the FLY SDK will be included in Teigha.”
About Visual Integrity
Founded in 1993, Visual Integrity has long been a pioneer in PDF and vector graphics technologies. Relied on by high-profile organizations globally, Visual Integrity products convert stored or real-time content into industry-standard vector and image formats. Visual Integrity produces a number of desktop conversion utilities including pdf2image and pdf2picture for Microsoft Office users and pdf2cad for engineers. In addition, the company offers a wide range of multi-platform tools for developers and systems integrators to enable batch process automation and custom application integration.
About the Open Design Alliance
We are a non-profit consortium of 1,200 software developers involved in all areas of design. Members of the ODA are committed to open industry-standard formats for the exchange of CAD data.
The ODA's technology platform, Teigha, provides developers tools to create a rich variety of applications. Examples range from custom data access and editing utilities, to visualization projects and full-scale CAD systems. Members cooperate by submitting improvements for the common good, resulting in higher-quality tools.
Our platform supports the use of .dwg, .and .dgn files, and imports and exports many other file formats. It runs on Android, Linux, Mac OS, Unix, and Windows. For more information about us, see

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