SHXConvert 4.0

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SHXConvert 4.0
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portion de bigfont shx apres transfert dxf

SHXConvert is a standalone utility for compiling/decompiling/converting AutoCAD® Shape/Font files.

The 5 basic modes are:
Compile (Shp Shx)
Decompile (Shx Shp)
Explode (Shp/Shx Dat)
Convert (Shp/Shx Dxf/Dwg)
Replace (Shx in Dxf/Dwg Dxf/Dwg)


Translate AutoCAD-86 shapes 1.0, 1.1, Bigfont, Extended Bigfont, and Unifont 1.0 formats.
Compile AutoCAD Shape/Font files outside of AutoCAD
Decompile existing shape/font files.
Fully commented SHP source (as part of SHX decompile) lets you easily undestand those cryptic codes!
Convert individual .SHX files to equivalent DXF format files.
Replace all references to .SHX SHAPES and/or TEXT fonts in a DXF file with BLOCK geometry. (The relevant .SHX files must of course be present for such translation to occur). In short the software performs a global Shape to Block conversion. Useful where the end-application does not have native support for .SHX shapes or fonts (e.g. Revit)
Optionally preserve Arcs in shapes as actual arcs, i.e. not converted to a series of small lines. This gives a more accurate result. It is also suited to CAM and CNC cutting machines.
Handle Sub-shapes.
Explode SHP/SHX to a simple vectors (.DAT file.)
Explode all text inside a DXF file into component geometry, i.e. lines and arcs.
Allow you to send out DXF/DWG files to clients without the need to send the relevant .SHX files.


New in version 4.0

Support for all AutoCAD DXF and DWG drawings up to AutoCAD 2012.
Explode output text option (rather than keep the geometry within BLOCK entities)
Support for MTEXT and TABLE entities. 

Operating System: Windows 2000/2003/2008//Citrix/XP/XP64/Vista/Win 7