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Make your dream real with electrical schematics !

With SEE Electrical LT you can quickly and easily create professional and standardized electrical schematics and drawings. With hundreds of standard symbols, an intuitive interface and suitable functionalities, SEE Electrical LT is THE software dedicated to electrical schematics.

ses centaines de symboles standards, une interface intuitive et des fonctionnalités
adaptées ΰ vos besoins, SEE Electrical LT est LE logiciel dédié ΰ la création des schémas électriques.


Professional software

With hundreds of standard symbols, an intuitive interface and suitable functionalities, SEE Electrical LT is THE software dedicated to electrical schematics.

'Smart' functionalities

The drawing functions are powerful and specialized.

SEE ELECTRICAL LT allows you to work to scale. The dimensioning capabilities help create dimensions automatically and dynamically.Connection points are created automatically.Symbols break the wire at insertion and wires are redrawn automatically when a symbol is moved or deleted.Symbols are automatically numbered.Symbol rotation, symmetry, alignment & hatching functions are available. All sorts of drawing objects: line, multiline, rectangle, circle, arc, ellipse, spline, arrows,… can be inserted. Standard Product & Part lists are generated on real-time and can be cut and pasted into Excel ®.Bitmaps and any type of OLE (Object Linking and Embedding) file can be inserted. This can be for instance Excel ®;spreadsheets, Word ® documents,…

Easy symbol creation

Do you do the same type of drawing quite often? With SEE Electrical LT, you can create symbols very easily, without the use of complicated symbol editors. Simply design the shape, insert its name and description and input it directly in a symbol library. This also applies to symbol groups (as part of a diagram).

Compatible with other CAD packages

An integrated DXF / DWG converter allows to import and export SEE Electrical LT drawings to other CAD software packages.


SEE Electrical LT can be upgraded to other IGE+XAO packages (such as SEE Electrical "Basic", "Standard" or "Advanced") which offer high-level CAD functionalities such as automatic generation of graphical terminal plans, PLC I/O manager, configuration of multicores…


All functions & command in SEE Electrical LT are designed specilly for electrical engineering and its intuitive interface make you be productive immediately, without training.

With SEE Electrical LT, you can open as many screens as you want and you are able to work across several projects at once.

Drag and drop functionality

Native ActiveX included

Project Management tools

Please note that SEE Electrical LT projects are limited to 10 pages

functionnalities SEE Electrical LT
Import- export  format DXF, DWG, DXB •
Symbols libraries standard Elec IEC, search criteria •
Symbols creation •
CAD design, dimensioning functions •
Pictures Importatation format JPG, PCX, BMP,… •
512 available layers •
Component Numbering (K1, K2, K3,…) •
Labels duplication control •
BOM Generation •
Export to vector images ( *.emf) •
Project management •
multi documents Interface : the user can work on several projects simultaneously •
customisable work Environnement •
automatic save function •
Possibilité de protéger le document en écriture si ouvert •
projects models available on demand •
Copy between projects •
Interface Microsoft ActiveX® •
possible Evolution to SEE Electrical Basic, Standard ou Advanced •