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PDF2PIC english version

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Do More with your PDF files!

pdf2picture™ transforms your PDF content into high-fidelity pictures and images that you can use in Microsoft® Windows® applications such as Microsoft Office, Microsoft Publisher® and Microsoft Visio®.

Using either vector or image mode, pdf2picture produces just what you need to enhance your documents and presentations. Choose vector mode (WMF/EMF) if you want to extract the objects and text for editing. Image mode (BMP) is best when you do not need to make any changes to the file but want a small file with high resolution.

Features in pdf2picture

· Convert PDF files in editable vector (WMF/EMF) or image (BMP) modes
· Convert one file or multiple files using built in batch mode
· Accurately reproduces PDF objects in the Windows picture format (WMF)
· Preserves searchable PDF text as editable text in WMF output
· Merges characters into words and one-line text strings for improved editing and searching
· Apply font name mappings during conversion (correct or substitute)
· Automatically preserves original PDF sheet size
· Rotate output by any degree
· Crop output to eliminate white space
· Emulate PDF clipping/cropping commands
· Ignore vectors, images and/or text during conversion
· User-definable options to add numeric suffixes to organize multi-page files Platforms & compatibility
· Converts multi-page PDF to multiple single-page Web images
· Simplified interface for more direct conversions to WMF
· Includes free WMF viewer
· New name! pdf2picture was first released as convert2office
· Improved reporting on errors and warnings
· Expanded support for non-standard font encodings

General features & compatibility

· Runs on Microsoft Windows® (32-bit and 64-bit OS in 32-bit compatibility mode), Windows Vista®
· Supports all levels of PDF through the current Adobe® PDF 1.7 specification
· Easy wizard-style Windows interface
· Pictures produced compatible with Microsoft® PowerPoint®, Microsoft® Word, Microsoft Publisher, Microsoft® Excel®, Microsoft Visio and more
· Select file using Windows Explorer functionality or by dragging a PDF file into pdf2picture or onto the desktop icon

Learn more.Download an evaluation version and print-out the instructions below for how to insert and edit your PDF files in Microsoft applications. In most cases, after the file is inserted into the Microsoft application, you'll need to perform one or two additional steps to ungroup the drawing completely. You'll find these steps in the documents below:

· Microsoft Word

· Microsoft PowerPoint

· Microsoft Visio

· Microsoft® FrontPage® and Microsoft® Expression Web®

· Micrsoft® Publisher

· Microsoft® Excel

It's easy! Select your PDF file and then choose to convert the page or just the graphics. Once the conversion is complete, open your Microsoft Office application and follow the instruction above. You can change colors, shapes, scale and even modify the text. It's never been so easy to import graphics into Microsoft Office!

New Name!convert2office is now pdf2picture!

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