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PDF-XChange 4.0 Professional Edition

PDF-XChange Pro provides the complete solution for the creation of Adobe® compatible PDF files from virtually any Windows software such as MS Word, Excel, AutoCAD, MS Publisher and many more.

PDF-XChange 'Pro' bundles the 2 applications PDF-XChange Standard and PDF-Tools.
PDF-XChange 'Pro' Edition includes:
• PDF-XChange Standard Edition which gives the ability create a PDF document from virtually any Windows application.
• PDF-Tools (provides numerous options to create and manipulate PDF's)
• MS Office Integration (Includes Toolbar Icons and special features)
• MS Office Batch Converter

MS Office Integration (Toolbar) Offers Embedded URL Links and 'TOC' Clickable PDF links, Office2PDF - this is a free batch converter- you can batch convert any number of MS Word, Excel and HTML and all supported formats (i.e. DOC,RTF,TXT,XLS,HTML and many many more) plus there is a Watched folder function that will automate PDF conversion of all compatible file types when saved in this location !

Offering numerous configuration and functionality options, PDF-XChange Professional allows the user to begin creating PDF files seconds after installation.

An optimization engine creates the smallest file sizes available from any PDF creation product without compromising quality in any way. PDF-XChange has been chosen by many large corporate and international clients around the world to be the software of choice for this reason.


Supported OS: Windows XP, 2000, 2003, XP 64, Citrix, Vista, Vista 64, Win7, Win7x64