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PDF-XChange 4.0 - the essential PDF document maker!


PDF-XChange is 'must-have' software that lets you seamlessly create PDF documents from virtually any Windows application. If your application can print, then using PDF-Xchange it can also create 100% compatible Adobe® PDF documents! PDF-Xchange also gives a high level of integration with MS Office. PDF-Xchange's ease of use means that you will be creating PDF documents in seconds!


"How does PDF-XChange enable direct creation of PDF documents from ALL of my existing software ?"
PDF-XChange is installed to the list of Windows printers on your system.
To create a PDF document simply select File | Print | PDF-XChange 4.0.
(but instead of going to the printer your document is converted to a PDF document.)
Great Features!
PDF-XChange's rich range of features include:
• Create PDF documents from virtually any Windows software
• Add/Merge with an existing PDF document
• Place Additional Information into the document
• Compose multiple pages to a single output page (up to 16 pages per sheet)
• Add watermarks to your documents or drawings
• Recognize / create bookmarks
• Create full text searchable documents
• Send the PDFs directly via email
• Generate multiple documents with automatic file naming
• Use embedded URL Web links in the PDF document
• Batch converting of all the supported Microsoft Office document formats
• MS Office Integration for Word, Excel and Powerpoint
• File encryption and password protection security
• Output to resolutions up to 2400 DPI
• Supports the 42 most used paper formats plus an extra 100 user custom sizes
• Compresses and optimizes PDF files up to 90% smaller than other software conversions - including Adobe's own conversion!
• Output elements include vector, raster, and text, so the result will be excellent for all types of output, whether it be a CAD drawing , a Text document , or Raster images (photos, etc.)
• PDF-XChange's low price removes all barriers for anyone to create high quality PDF documents.
• CAD users: PDF-XChange has been fully integrated into CAD Viewer 9.0
• Lowest price! (view our price guarantee)


Supported OS: Windows XP, 2000, 2003, XP 64, Citrix, Vista, Vista 64, Win7, Win7x64