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PapriCAD Electrics

Electrics simplifies the production of single line diagrams, controls schematics and easily creates layout drawings. The comprehensive selection of electrical symbols, equipment and enhanced cable tray drafting functions make Electrics indispensable for civil drafting for building outlines, doors and windows.

  • Extensive library of symbols, terminal block insertion and wiring that is drawn automatically by simply selecting the termination points
  • Intuitive automated functions speed up the process of creating plans, elevations and sections

Electrical Schematic

Electrics comes with the Standards Manager module to enable you to control the drafting and design standards used on a particular project or customer. The Standards Manager enables you to easily specify:

  • English or Metric units
  • Layering and color schemes
  • Border drawings to be used
  • Scaling factors for symbols
  • Dimension variables


Standards Manager

2D DESIGNER AutoELECTRIC comes with everything you need to draw flawless schematics and layouts in each package.

Features for schematics drafting:

  • Provides tools to place electrical symbols, breaks lines and prompt for text and attribute data
  • Includes a comprehensive symbol library for Single Line Diagrams and Control Schematics
  • Provides customer-defined line types for Bus Bar, Panel Wiring and Field Wiring
  • Includes a comprehensive library of drawings for I/O cards for Allen Bradley, Siemens, and Square D
  • Includes a library of drawings for single & 3-phase Lighting Panel Schedules (6-42 circuits)
  • Includes Shutdown Key Template drawings for E, D & C size drawing borders (A0, A1 & A2)
  • Provides functionality to place Terminal Blocks and Terminal Block wiring
  • Provides tools to tag Terminal Block wiring and re-number Terminal Blocks
  • Provides option to place symbols in an ON or OFF position
  • Provides a complete symbol set for Terminals
  • Provides tools for automatic line insertion for Terminals
  • Includes attribute or text data for all symbols requiring annotation
  • Provides tools for Wire Tags, Shields, Instrument Tags and Line Breaks

Features for layout drafting:

  • Includes comprehensive functionality to draw layouts
  • Provides functions to insert symbols for Switches, Receptacles, Emergency Lights, Flood Lights and more
  • Provides a complete set of Cable Tray drafting functions
  • Provides customer-defined line types for Ground Wire, Conduit/Cable, Heat Tracing and Underground Conduit
  • Provides tools to draw building outlines, doors, windows and fences
  • Provides utilities for switching between Model and Paper Space
  • Includes a utility to change drawing scale in Paper Space viewports
  • Provides functions for adding Cable Tags, Material Tags, Instrument Tags and Line Breaks
  • Allows the creation of user-defined Area Classification blocks
PapriCAD comes with AutoCAD OEM. If you already have AutoCAD®, check out 2D DESIGNER.

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