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Piping Suite: All of PapriCAD's Piping Applications in One Package

When you purchase the Piping Suite, you get all three of PapriCAD's piping applications in one affordable package – P&ID, Plans & Elevations and Isometrics. With this bundled offering, you will have the advanced functionality to draw flawless P&IDs, piping plans and elevations, structural steel and civil layouts as well is piping isometrics.

In addition, the PapriCAD Piping Suite comes with supporting modules: Standards Manager, Spec Generator, BOM Settings Manager and BOM Generator. These modules enable you to easily organize your standards, create pipe specs, design material reports and generate comprehensive BOMs in a variety of file formats.

So go ahead and treat your designers to the complete package and save!
2D Application Features

PROCAD's 2D applications are rich with features that enhance every aspect of piping design productivity. Not only are the applications surprisingly affordable, they also make your job easier and your design environment more productive. The following features are included with 2D DESIGNER and PapriCAD 2D.

  • Powered by AutoCAD® OEM for maximum benefits to users accustomed to the industry's leading CAD software (only with PapriCAD 2D)
  • 2D DESIGNER and PapriCAD save drawings in the highly portable industry standard AutoCAD® DWG file format. These drawings can be opened and edited by many other CAD software applications, including AutoCAD®
  • A slight learning curve means you can be proficient with the software in just a few hours
  • Every piping application supports both Metric and English units. You also can use mixed Metric & English units and metric drawing units with pipe sizes in inches, and vice-versa
  • Spec driven piping design ensures compliance with customer specs and reduces costly user mistakes. Competent background compliance checking is performed and the user is alerted only when straying from established spec parameters
  • Robust BOM capability is key to effective material managing process. You can generate a Bill of Material (BOM) from a single drawing, a selected set of drawings or from all the drawings in the project
  • Creates BOM files in multiple formats: inserted into a drawing (.dwg format), web format (HTML), Excel format (CSV or .xls) and in text files
  • Standards management tools to ensure customers' requirements for piping specs, layering, colors and other drafting standards are followed on every project, every time
  • Attention to drafting details resulting in superior aesthetics in finished drawings
  • PapriCAD's innovative menu system uses the screen efficiently to increase the speed of accessing and selecting components and functions
  • In addition to PapriCAD's application specific functionality, you have access to complete CAD drafting and editing functionality
  • Flexible installation for network or standalone setups using FlexNet software security
  • Licenses are perpetual and can be upgraded when newer versions are available
  • Extended product cycle eliminates the need for frequent upgrades
  • Extensive library of piping and steel components and symbols
  • Full compatibility between PapriCAD and 2D DESIGNER piping applications allowing you to share drawings, standards, pipe specs and BOM templates without any conversion

 PapriCAD Piping and Electrical Plant Design
PapriCAD is PROCAD's new line of piping and electrical plant drafting applications built on two decades of unsurpassed software design experience which made PROCAD a trusted name among engineering consultants and resource companies. PapriCAD will drastically improve your productivity to complete projects on-time and on-budget. Powered by AutoCAD® OEM PapriCAD comes equipped with its own CAD platform, making it the most logical and affordable design solution available.


PapriCAD 2D piping design and drafting software powered by AutoCAD® OEM.
Includes Piping Suite, P&ID, Plans & Elevations, Isometrics and Electrics. These applications have all the features of 2D DESIGNER software with the added benefit of AutoCAD OEM.

Piping Design Applications
The versatility of PapriCAD allows you to purchase individual piping applications or choose all piping products for a complete design solution at significant savings:

Simplifies the production of Piping & Instrumentation Diagrams (P&ID) and Process Flow Diagrams (PFD).

PapriCAD Plans & Elevations
Create intelligent 2D piping, structural and civil drawings. Choose from an extensive variety of components including valves, flanges, pipe fittings and structural steel items.

PapriCAD Isometrics
Quickly and accurately dimension and draw piping isometrics with this intelligent specification driven tool.

PapriCAD Piping Suite
Get all three PapriCAD piping applications in one comprehensive package – P&ID, Plans & Elevations and Isometrics. Integrated functionality enables advanced tools to draw flawless piping and instrumentation diagrams (P&IDs), piping plans and elevations, structural steel and civil layouts as well is piping isometrics.
Every PapriCAD piping application comes with PapriCAD Supporting Modules to easily organize your standards, create pipe specs, design material reports and generate comprehensive BOMs in a variety of file formats.

Electrical Design Application
PapriCAD Electrics is your versatile go-to productivity tool to draw electrical single line diagrams, schematics and layout drawings. Electrics comes complete with an extensive library of symbols, terminal block insertion and wiring that's drawn automatically by selecting termination points.

Included is the PapriCAD Standards Manager module to help you organize drafting standards for your projects and customers and easily specify:

English or Metric units
Layering and color schemes
Border drawings to be used
Scaling factors for symbols
Dimension variables