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HPGL and HP-GL/2 .plt files to DXF/DWG converter

Outputs all AutoCAD® versions up to AutoCAD 2009


All DXF/DWG versions through to AutoCAD 2009 are supported.

Allows wild card file naming to be used - i.e. translate *.plt, *.hpgl, etc

Support multi-folio (multi-page) plot files. Each page is output to a separate DXF/DWG file.

DXF files can be read by AutoCAD and most other CAD software, as well as a large number of other graphic applications.

DWG files are AutoCAD's native drawing format, and give a smaller file size. DWG can also be read by a quite a few other CAD programs.

Command Line mode allows automated conversions (Command Line mode is available in the Site License (5+ user) versions only.)

"I can't tell you how much time and money this conversion program has saved me and my company! Thanks so much and keep up the good work."
Paul K, CTL, Inc.
Windows Interface Version