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The essential tools in GlobalCAD Schedule make it easy to create schedules and bill of materials from your drawing data and form dynamic spreadsheet links.

Working with schedules and bill of materials are a critical component of any project. Creating these documents presents many unique challenges. Among them are deciding what to schedule, how to format it and most importantly accurately reporting it and keeping it up-to-date.

GlobalCAD Schedule provides the effective and reliable solution to all of these issues. Its feature-rich toolset lets you query drawings for block attribute data and save it to a variety of file formats. Unique formatting options mean you can pre-set the style for each spreadsheet and export only the data that's critical to your needs.

Keep your Microsoft Excel spreadsheets synchronized with the Dynamic Link option. Simply edit the current workbook and your drawing updates automatically! Alternatively, you can work on spreadsheets remotely and update associated drawings all at the click of a button with the Import feature.

Key Features

Query block attribute values within multiple drawings.

Process Xrefs and nested blocks.

Set spreadsheet styles with unique formatting options.

Rule Manager lets you merge tabled items based on user-defined criteria.

Quantify blocks for Bill of Materials.

Export data to Microsoft Excel, Access, CSV, XML and TXT formats.
Hot-link AutoCAD/Bricscad drawings with Excel spreadsheets.

Dynamically update block attribute values for true design synchronization!

Modify the standard properties of blocks from within Excel.

Connect ‘live' to spreadsheets or import from spreadsheet file.

Dynamic Link feature supports Microsoft Excel 97, 2000, 2003, 2007 and 2010.