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GlobalCAD Hatch Manager
Success in design today relies on creative presentation. GlobalCAD Hatch Manager gives you the tools to create and manage outstanding hatch patterns for maximum impact!

GlobalCAD Hatch Manager provides the solution to all your hatch creation and management needs. You can build entire libraries from scratch, add existing PAT files in seconds or create your own unique patterns from existing drawing objects.

The software also links directly into the AutoCAD/Bricscad Boundary Hatch (Bhatch) dialog, ensuring all your patterns remain fully featured with essential options such as associative, non-associative, edit boundary and pattern re-scaling.

With GlobalCAD Hatch Manager, patterns are organized within distinct libraries with advanced viewing capabilities. They can be identified fast and are accessible right when you need them. Management tools ensure the library database is always up to date, with the ability to view and print pattern details and other library information. Patterns can be contained on local drives or on a network.


Key Features

Key Features
Convert existing drawing entities, blocks and logos into hatch patterns.

Create patterns using Line, Pline, Point, Arc, Circle, Ellipse etc - even blocks!

Capture and extract patterns you find in any drawing.

Add multiple PAT files in seconds using the unique batch-processing tools.

Utilize expert formatting options to control pattern resolution and spacing.

View and compare patterns quickly and easily within libraries.

Easily share and access libraries with full network support.

Secure your work with intuitive library password protection.

Directly link into the AutoCAD/Bricscad Boundary Hatch (Bhatch) dialog.

Includes hundreds of professionally drawn industry-standard hatch patterns.