AutoISO Isometric Drafting

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AutoISO Isometric Drafting
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AutoISO Isometric Drafting

Quickly and accurately draw and dimension piping isometrics with this intelligent specification driven tool.

  • Gathers the component's dimensions and material data from the current pipe specification and stores it in each component you place
  • Queries components and extracts data to produce accurate dimensions and complete BOMs
  • Transparently checks inputs for compliance against current pipe specifications
  • Notifies you when a component is unavailable or out-of-spec (can be overridden)
  • Choose from an extensive variety of components: valves, flanges, pipe fittings and structural steel profiles
  • Auto-Pipe-Route speeds up the isometric drafting process by placing fittings sequentially at the insertion point
  • Automatically calculates cut lengths of pipe nestled between fittings in preparation for Bill of Material generation
  • Quickly dimension the isometric by sequentially picking dimension start and end points
Piping Isometric Drawing
AutoISO Features
  • Supports pipe sizes from 1/8” to 80” (3mm to 2000mm)
  • Supports ANSI flanges and valves from 150 to 2500 lb
  • Supports threaded and socket weld fittings from 2000 to 9000 lb
  • Offers comprehensive selection of standard pipe fittings
  • Offers many valves types: gate, globe, ball, plug, needle, angle, control and pressure safety valves (PSVs)
  • Spec driven with transparent spec compliance checking ensures accuracy and allows you to override pipe specs when necessary
  • Includes comprehensive BOM (Bill of Material) generation tools to create desired material reports
  • Based on the pipe size set in the drawing standards, the application automatically switches between single and double line drafting modes
  • Based on the pipe size set in the pipe spec, the application will automatically switch between butt-weld and threaded (or socket weld) fittings
  • Valves come in many types: flanged, threaded, socket weld, butt-weld ends and butt-weld/flanged ends
  • Provides functions to draw equipment easily with two-point selection process
  • Provides a special utility to let you know what type of branch fitting is recommended for use in the current pipe spec
  • Provides functions to draw structural steel, including Wide Flanges, Channels, Angles, Tees, and Sectional Steel in multiple insertion views
  • Provides functions to draw stairs, ladders, radial platforms, building outlines, doors, windows fences and dikes
  • Provides a special utility to calculate pipe spacing on pipe racks
  • Functions such as Auto-Pipe-Route automate drafting by connecting components sequentially to the last component in the drawing
  • Allows deletion of an entire pipe line simply by selecting one of its components
  • Provides automatic annotation for valves, line numbers and BOM numbers

The software includes system overrides to accommodate special conditions where you need to place items not covered in the spec. They include:

  • Override pipe spec for items with different ratings or pipe ends
  • Replace flanged valves with butt-weld valves
  • Override face-to-face dimension of a valve when required
  • Change gasket thickness when you need a different type of gasket placed
  • Change bolt length to accommodate bolt-through items
  • Change pipe nipple length when needed
  • Override material shipping destination

The software also offers many system toggles to change multiple aspects of its default operation to suit your drafting and design standards. They include:

  • Valve stem placement can be turned on or off
  • Material information coming from the pipe spec can be turned off
  • Branch fitting type check verifies the component recommended for use in the pipe spec
  • Spec check displays current pipe spec's default values and allows you the option to override
Prerequisite : AutoCAD

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